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Special Assets & Securities

Intangible Assets:

Given the ever increasing complexity of business ventures, it is critical to understand the relationship between intangible asset values and the overall business enterprise. Intangible assets are non-physical assets that bring value to their owner; examples include: customer relationships, trademarks, brands, intellectual know-how, non-compete agreements, licenses, permits, and goodwill. While many intangible assets are not legally protected, they have value to your business. Valuation Aspects, LLC understands the methods and techniques required to value these dynamic assets and can assist you in realizing their value.

Commercial Real Estate:

As a dual discipline valuation company, we understand the interrelation between the underlying real estate and the operating business, which is key in applying the appropriate valuation methodology to specialized properties, such as, mineral properties, caverns, hotels, mitigation banks, and undivided interests in real estate assets. We perform and review appraisals of commercial real properties for financing, transaction support, estate, gift and tax planning purposes.

Financial Instruments:

We conduct valuations of financial instruments, including, warrants, fixed income securities, options, voting and non-voting stock, etc.